Get Spotless Windows Easily

Ask about our window cleaning services in Winston-Salem, NC

Your growing accumulation of junk in the basement gives you anxiety. Your windows are getting cloudy and you don't know how to keep them clean. That's where we come in. Brumfield Cleaning offers a number of special cleaning services for our clients in Winston-Salem, NC.

Call us if you need:

  • Window cleaning
  • Blind Detailing¬†
  • Basement cleaning
  • Listing or selling cleaning
  • Debris removal

We even do house and dog sitting for established clients. Call (336) 528-3632 now to find out what we can do for you.

Reasons you might need help with cleaning

Everybody needs a little help when it comes to managing your home. Some of our most common clients are homeowners who...

  • Just had a baby and need to focus on parenting
  • Have physical limitations that prevent them from cleaning
  • Love entertaining and need a spotless space for guests
  • Work full time and don't have time to keep up with cleaning
  • Don't enjoy or don't know how to keep their home clean

From floor cleaning to window cleaning, our team does it all. No matter the reason you need cleaning services, you can count on our Winston-Salem, NC team for help.