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You walk through the front door and immediately step on your kid's scattered toys. There's no counter space to put down your purse or keys. How did things get so messy? Regular home cleaning services from Brumfield Cleaning can help you take back control of your home in Winston-Salem, NC.

For over 10 years, we've been providing quality cleaning services throughout the Piedmont Triad Area. We cater to your unique cleaning needs. Whether you need weekly cleaning services or one-time cleaning, you can count on us for help. Our specialized cleaning services range from weekly, bi-weekly to every 3 weeks, the choice is yours. We also offer a unique option known as our"Alternating Detailed Cleaning Cycle." This combines services from our deep cleans you can pick and choose from and specify how often you would like the service performed without breaking your bank! We will sit down and go over everything you want done and make sure to rotate some areas so that the whole house stays clean. You help create your unique cleaning package! We offer discounts for weekly and biweekly clients!

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What you can expect from our home cleaning team

No job is too big or too small for our cleaning team in Winston-Salem, NC. If you need...

  • Deep cleaning
  • Move-in cleaning
  • Move-out cleaning
  • Blind Detailing
  • Whole home cleaning
  • Goodwill drop-off
  • Large item removal

... you can trust our cleaning crew. We'll help out with laundry, too. Get weekly cleaning services to alleviate the stress caused by your mess. If you're a current client, ask us about our house and dog sitting services.

Residential Cleaning Include...


•Dust and get rid of cobwebs.
•Wash and plastic plants above cabinets.
•Get rid of bugs in light fixtures.
•Take down light fixtures, clean and put back up.
•Wipe down cabinet fronts.
•Microwave deep cleaned inside and out.
•All Appliances polished.
•Refrigerator deep cleaned inside and out.
•Oven deep cleaned inside and out.

•Under sink cleaned and organized.
•Trash bins washed and cleaned.
•Countertops cleaned and polished.
•Sinks cleaned and polished.
•Glass cabinets deep cleaned and polished.
•Doors panels and light switches cleaned and fully polished.
•All knick-knacks wiped down and polished.

•Baseboards sprayed and wiped down.
•Refrigerator pulled out and cleaned under.
•Kitchen table and chairs sanitized and wiped down.
•Windows and blinds dusted and wiped down.
•Window ledges and sills sprayed and wiped down.
•Pantry cleaned and floors swept out.
•Floors vacuumed and mopped thoroughly.


•Cobwebs removed.
•Light fixtures de-bugged and detailed.
•Windows, blinds and curtains dusted.
•Window sills and ledges sprayed and wiped down.
•Pictures cleaned and polished.
•All surfaces decorations and knick-knacks dusted and polished.
•All countertops cleaned, disinfected and polished.

•All towel holders polished and hand towels replaced.
•Cabinet fronts wiped down.
•Mirrors cleaned from top to bottom.
•Sinks detailed and polished.
•Clean and Organize Under sink.
•Showers cleaned top to bottom and all mold and mildew removed glass panel showers cleaned and shined.

•Garden tubs cleaned and sanitized top to bottom and fixtures polished
•Toilets cleaned and sanitized inside and out. All baseboards and floors around toilet area sprayed with disinfectant and cleaned by hand.
•Door panels, light switches and baseboards sprayed and wiped down.
•All trash removed.
•Floors vacuumed and mopped.


•Remove all cobwebs.
•Light fixtures de-bugged.
•Dust all blinds, lamps and ceiling fans.
•Dust and pledge and furniture as requested.
•Windex and glass tables or doors.
•Spray and wipe down window sills and ledges.

•Spray and wipe down all door panels, light fixtures and baseboards.
•Small knick-knacks and whatnots all dusted and polished.
•TVs wiped down as requested.
•All electronic dusted and cleaned under.
•All furniture and upholstery vacuumed and cleaned.

•Cushions pulled up and vacuumed under.
•Couches moved and cleaned under.
•Foyers detailed and front doors cleaned.
•All floors vacuumed a mopped using requested products of choice.
•Front porch cobwebs removed and swept.


•All cobwebs removed.
•Ceiling fans dusted and cleaned.
•Light Fixtures de-bugged and cleaned.
•Dust all surfaces, knick-knacks, lamps and pictures.
•All furniture dusted and polished.

•Pick up and tidy things such as IE toys and clothes.
•Windex all mirrors, wall pictures and vanities.
•Make beds and vacuum under them.
•Windows and ledges sprayed and wiped down.
•Blinds and curtains dusted.

•Door panels and light switches are sprayed and wiped down.
•Baseboards sprayed and wiped down.
•Laundry washed, folded, sorted, and separated if requested.
•Vacuum behind nightstands and under furniture.
•All trash removed.


•All Cobwebs removed.
•Door panels and light switches wiped down.
•Baseboards wiped down.
•Washer and Dryers wiped down.

•Washer and Dryer moved and cleaned under.
•Light Fixtures cleaned.
•Mud sinks cleaned.
•Windows and Window Sills cleaned.

•Cleaned and organize under sink.
•Cabinets wiped down.
•All Trash Removed.
•Floors vacuumed and Mopped.