1. What should I do before Brumfield Cleaning Company arrives?

You don't have to do anything before we arrive, but it does allow us to focus on what we do if the house is picked up before we get there in regards to toys, dishes, and clothes!

2. Do I need to be home for every cleaning service?

You do not have to be home, we have several client keys that are kept in a secured location and used to unlock and lock up when we leave. A lot of people have automated garage doors that we have an access code and that's the best way. We are very flexible whatever works best for you the homeowner.

3. What time does your team arrive?

We have three arrival windows throughout the day to ensure that we are not late and you aren't looking out the window for us.

  • Morning window is between 9 & 9:30
  • Mid-Day is between 11 & 1
  • Afternoon appointments are between 1 & 3

4. What if something's damaged during a service?

This is what insurance is for. Our policy is for the team to call me immediately so I can call the client and to leave whatever is broken in a box if possible, for the client to dispose of how they see fit!! We are more than willing to replace anything that is damaged and use our insurance policies if necessary.

5. What if something is missed?

Quality Control and customer satisfaction is everything here at Brumfield Cleaning Company. If anything is missed, we come out immediately and re-clean anything you're not happy with.

6. What do you not clean?

There is not much we do not clean, but we do not clean any bio-hazardous areas or hoarding areas. We can help maintain once a hoard is cleaned up and have great recommendations for companies in the area that specialize in that.

7. Do I need to provide your team with my own cleaning equipment or supplies?

If you have pets in your home I do ask you to provide your own vacuum cleaner.

8. How soon/how far out can I schedule a cleaning?

You can schedule your cleaning up to 6 months out.

9. Can I provide my team with special instructions?

The best way for you to relay info to your team is either leave a detailed note or let me know the day before and I will make sure your team knows exactly what you need done.

10. How often can you provide service?

We can provide services twice a week, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or however often you need services.

11. Do you always send the same house cleaners?

We do everything possible to send out the same team each and every time. However, one of your team members may have a day off or sick day and we will either replace her with a healthy team member or you may have one less than normal, but the regular crew will be there.

12. Do your house cleaners accept tips?

We are so thankful for all our amazing clients that leave the teams a tip!!

13. Are you okay with pets being in the home during a cleaning service?

Ideally the dog would be out of the way or put in their crates during the time the team is cleaning, but we are also pet-friendly and if they are not aggressive at all and will allow us to work they can do there normal thing!

14. Reasons you might need help with cleaning

Everybody needs a little help when it comes to managing your home. Some of our most common clients are homeowners who...

  • Just had a baby and need to focus on parenting
  • Have physical limitations that prevent them from cleaning
  • Love entertaining and need a spotless space for guests
  • Work full time and don't have time to keep up with cleaning
  • Don't enjoy or don't know how to keep their home clean

From floor cleaning to window cleaning, our team does it all. No matter the reason you need cleaning services, you can count on our Winston-Salem, NC team for help.